• LaBagh Woods Grove #3 (map)
Photo credit: Jeff Skrentny

Meet at LaBagh's Cicero parking lot near Grove #3

Our workday on Sunday, July 29th, beginning at 10am, will help this butterflies and many other native insects survive and thrive at LaBagh. The effort will be two pronged. We will start by working to clean up the native shrub plantings to get sunlight to our small native shrubs that can get crowded out. Then, depending on what is ready for us to harvest, we will have at least some of us looking to collect native seeds from herbaceous plants whose seeds are ready so we can spread them this winter. 

The native plants in our plantings are the larval or adult food sources or homes for many of our native insects, and they can't call LaBagh home without those native shrubs and the native herbaceous plants we are seeding into LaBagh every winter. So let's help make a healthy home for our native insects (which is food for our nesting birds) by getting rid of this useless invasive and gathering the necessary seed stock to continue bringing back healthy native herbaceous under story plants. 

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. We will teach you everything you need to know to be productive for this workday. The weather is unpredictable in July. Watch for an update on that here as we get closer to our workday. As always, we will make sure to have plenty of water and a snack for break time. We encourage all our volunteers to work within their abilities, and take plenty of breaks as the weather dictates.

We hope to see you Sunday, July 29th for LaBagh's 13th official workday of 2018.

Workday Leader: Jeff Skrentny