We are going right back to where we did so much excellent good work for our last LaBagh Workday, for our third outing in 2017.  

We are really starting to see progress being made at the this Swamp White Oak grove area, and I am so proud of our volunteers for what they have accomplished in this area. But like most restoration efforts, no rest for the weary. We will continue removing unwanted dead trees, pole trees and buckthorn to prepare this area for seeding (immediately) and planting (in the near future).  

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! NO TOOLS REQUIRED! We will teach you what to do, we will show you how to do it. We will clearly mark what needs to be removed, provide gloves and tools and a fire so you can keep yourself warm. If we are lucky, and the Marton's show up, we might have some home made grub (it is GREAT) for breaktime. But bring something to drink (we have water) and a snack (we always have energy / breakfast bars) and come help us save and restore this precious and unique Swamp White Oak grove / wet prairie.  

***NOTE: it is hard to say what the conditions will be on our workday February 12th. We have water on the ground there, but it could be frozen. Snow is forecast between now and then as well. Dress in layers, I'd recommend warm shoes / boots that are waterproof, that won't be too slipery on ice.

- post contributed by Jeff Skrentny