Just what is your Chicago Ornithological Society Board doing on this unseasonable warm February Monday evening, besides eating lasagna?

Your COS Board is comprised of 10 volunteers lead by Carl Giometti, our COS President for 2017. The board meets a minimum of once per quarter and deliberates on a number of initiatives COS is involved with for Chicago area birders.

For example, in our February, 2017, board meeting which took place on the 6th, we discussed field trips, membership, ideas and deadlines for the next COS newsletter, and the Treasurer's report.

Carl reported to us on the Bird-safe Buildings initiative he has been spearheading, and Katy and Jeff discussed the progress of the LaBagh Woods restoration project. MARK YOUR CALENDARS, we confirmed that there will be a LaBagh Woods Fundraiser on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd. Watch for more details soon.

We also discussed how to be more involved with the restoration of Big Marsh. Big Marsh is another Chicago birding hotspot we'd like to see restored and conserved with migrating birds (and birders) as an important, if not main, consideration.

We also decided to help fund a high school student's trip to Washington DC, with a donation to her trip for the conservation conference she wants to attend.

Finally, we discussed all the great work Lindsay has done on our new website which will soon be THE place every COS member will use as the go to place for all things COS. She has done fantastic work redeveloping the COS web platform, and frankly, we are all impressed. All this was accomplished in about 3 hours together. Now comes the hard part, the volunteer effort to make what we discussed become the reality. COS is always looking for a few more involved members to help us move our initiatives and projects forward. Might that be you?

post contributed by Jeff Skrentny