Historical Records Project 

Under the guidance of Walter Marcisz, nine dedicated folks gathered at the Bridgeport branch of the Chicago Public Library on September 8, 2012.  They began a project of entering into eBird historical bird observations received from Doug Anderson.

With eBird assistance from Matthew Cvetas, 886 checklists dating from April 20, 1926 to October 13, 1979 were entered by the following COS members and friends:

John Adams, Suzanne Checchia, Pat Durkin, Jill Anderson, Craig Taylor, Terry Johnson, Phyllis Petrelli, Nathan Goldberg and Sigrid Schmidt.

The data represent 303 species found in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Amy Baldwin was the most frequently listed observer. Her name appeared on 516 lists. Walter Marcisz compiled some interesting statistics from our project which can be found at the following links: Historical Data Entry and Historical Data Highlights.

We hope to find a permanent hope for the physical checklists, so they can be preserved for posterity and for future use in research projects if needed.


Click the list to see and download Doug Anderson's complete 1927 birding checklist.  Special thanks to Geoff Williamson for recreating it and sharing it.