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As migration reaches fever-pitch, how often have you wished you were better at birding by ear? Here is your chance to improve that critical skill! Author Nathan Pieplow has devised a system that lets you identify bird sounds without having to memorize them.  The Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds of Eastern North America lets you look up sounds, the same way you look up words in a dictionary.  The key is learning to visualize sounds.  Nathan’s clear, practical instructions for visualizing sounds will make you a better listener. You will hear details in sound that you hadn’t noticed before, and you will have the vocabulary to describe those details.  Nathan will not only help you identify birds by their sounds, but he will also help you understand birds by their sounds. The sounds of birds are a language, carrying messages from one bird to another.  To understand the language and decode the messages, all you need is the right dictionary.

About the speaker: Nathan Pieplow is the author of the Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds, hot off the press on March 7, 2017. This book has been more than a decade in the making! He also blogs about bird sounds at the website Earbirding.  He is one of the authors of the website “Colorado Birding Trail,” and a former editor of the journal Colorado Birds.  He teaches writing and rhetoric at the University of Colorado in Boulder.