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Openlands Announces "Birds in My Neighborhood" Program

Openlands is pleased to offer Birds in my Neighborhood™, a volunteer-driven program for 2nd to 5th grade classrooms with the goal of acquainting students with nature in their community through the observation of birds.

COS Co-Sponsoring Bird Art and Photography Exhibit to Benefit Illinois Audobon

COS Co-Sponsoring Bird Art and Photography Exhibit to Benefit Illinois Audobon

COS is co-sponsoring a special exhibit of bird art and photography by Chicago-area artists. The exhibit will run August 15-29 at the Erehwon Mountain Outfitters store in suburban Bannockburn to raise conservation awareness. 

All profits from the sale of the prints as well as select Erehwon products will be donated to the Illinois Audubon Society (, the state’s oldest private conservation organization.

COS Promotes Urban Biodiversity Week - Walk led by Walter Marcisz

Urban Biodiversity Week, May 13th to May 19th! This event is part of the National Urban Biodiversity Week, a seven-city collaboration to bring urban dwellers into contact with local flora and fauna. Urban Biodiversity Week will showcase events in the Millennium Reserve: Calumet Core area. It will celebrate urban biodiversity and conservation activities and will provide opportunities for local residents and visitors to participate in outdoor activities in the Calumet region. 

See the website for a list of events:  Illinois Biodiversity Week website

Register by May 3rd, 2013 for the Urban Biodiversity Week Bird Walk at the Calument Water Reclamation Plant led by COS member Walter Marcisz on May 19, 2013. 

COS Goes Behind the Scenes at the Field Museum's Bird Collection

Thanks to Dave Willard and the Field Museum for hosting COS this past Saturday. Sixteen participants were treated to up close views of some of the largest (Wandering Albatross, Harpy Eagle), smallest (Bee Hummingbird), and strangest (a number of Birds of Paradise) birds that nature has to offer.

COS co-presents "The Resplendent Quetzel" at Chicago Botanic Garden

Take a journey deep into the cloud forest and learn about the elusive Resplendent Quetzal and its natural history. On the way, we'll learn about many other species of birds endemic to the highlands of northern mesoamerica

Join Rob and Tara Cahill of Community Cloud Forest Conservation as they share their experiences from 10 years in Guatemala's central highlands.

COS presents "Birding Through Time" with Joel Greenberg

For the last century, COS has provided many of the eyes and ears to help record changes in bird populations in the Chicago area.  Local naturalist and writer, Joel Greenberg, will presents a detailed account of how the bird-scape has evolved.