Eleven birders explored parts of Orland Grasslands on Saturday, April 29, a cloudy, chilly day. Led by Pat Hayes, a volunteer steward at the site, we followed trails through prairie areas, skirted woodlands and walked around small ponds. We found some notable birds, including Solitary Sandpiper, Greater Yellowlegs, as well as migrant a Blue Gray Gnatcatchers, a beautiful Pine Warlber, many Yellow Rumped warblers and several Palm Warblers. We heard but never saw multiple Henslow's sparrows. A Broad Winged Hawk gave us great views, and we had nice looks at many Eastern Meadowlarks as well as a number of Gadwall and American Shoveler, Bufflehead and Ruddy Duck. On our way out we encountered a coyote that was not going to leave its spot beside the trail--guarding pups, perhaps.  This was the first trip to the site for about half our group, and most of us intend to return soon. Thanks to Pat for such a thorough introduction to the Grasslands!

Full e-bird list follows: