Report by West Serafin:

Four birders braved the windy cold conditions to hunt for birds in our annual duck trip to Palos/Orland. We began at McGinnis Slough which was down 80 % waterfowl from Saturday.

For the day, 53 species were seen.  Here is a complete list by area:

Seen at McGinnis Slough:
5 Pintail
2 Trumpeter Swans
10 flyover swans probably Tundra
2 Red belly Woodpeckers at nest site
1 American Widgeon
3 American Black Duck
~30 Bufflehead
4 Canvasbacks
6 Redhead
~40 Ring Necked Ducks

Another birder mentioned to us that he had just seen a mink at the side of the slough near the parking lot.

Tampier Lake:
2 Bald Eagles at nest site. The second eagle flew in as we were leaving.
15 Rusty Blackbirds at west entrance
2 Common Loons. Seen by Steve Ambrose who phoned me with info
1 White Winged Scoter female type
All 3 mergansers
1 Killdeer

Little Red Schoolhouse:
Numbers here were hampered by a pair of adult Coopers Hawks hunting the feeders

Saganashkee Slough:
250+ Common Mergansers
~25 Red Breasted Mergansers
~25 Lesser Scaup

Private residence in Palos Park:
The day was salvaged as Nancy and myself saw 5 species of finch
4 Red Crossbills, one male
1 White Winged Crossbill female
Pine Siskin
2 House Finch
American Goldfinch