COS encourages you to oppose the proposed exemption for lead bullets in the Toxic Substance Control Act.  Lead is not only dangerous to wildlife but also to human beings who may consume meat of animals killed with lead bullets.

See the Action bulletin below to see how you can voice your concern to the Senate.

Read more about the issue at these links to Audubon Society website:

URGENT ACTION Needed TO OPPOSE Senate Bill 3525, titled Sportsmen's Act of 2012, which EXEMPTS LEAD BULLETS LIMITS FROM Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).

This act is aimed at halting any effort to apply the Toxic Substance Control Act to lead ammunition that poisons and kills a variety of wildlife and especially millions of birds each year, including endangered California condors, eagles, swans and loons.  Lead is a toxic substance and controlled under TSCA in all other areas of our lives(i.e. - paint), so bullets used for recreational purposes certainly should not be exempt.

Urge the EPA to use the Toxic Substance Control Act to limit the amount of lead that's left in the wild for nature's scavengers to ingest and should not be limited in any way in that pursuit.  Clearly this act is dangerous for birds and it may be voted on as early as Nov. 13.

PLEASE CALL Senator Dick Durbin at 202-224-2152.  Leave a message for him that you are an Illinois resident and that you strongly encourage him to vote against this bill.  The more of us who call and leave messages for Senator Durbin, the better. Please follow up and make a call!!