The COS Centenary celebration was a great success during our Lisle-Arboreteum CBC countdown dinner, which was provided free, compliments of COS, to all its past Presidents, young artists, and CBC participants. A fun historical quiz with answers in historical papers in binders was enjoyed by many. Jill Niland hosted the evening presenting several gifts from the COS Board as follows: art supply gift cards were presented to our two young birder artists, Nandu Dubey and Lucas Haberkorn, for providing COS with artwork for printing on its products and throughout the 2012 centenary year celebration - including lens clothes and water bottles; certificates of appreciation to Chris Williamson for all her years of service on behalf of COS as conservation chair, newsletter editor, CBC dinner organizers, and gull frolic speaker organizer for several years on COS's behalf, among a plethora of other activities; Geoff Williamson for all his years of conservation activities with COS, including organizing the Lisle-Arboreteum CBC and creating the infamous Count-down program, and COS President, among a plethora of other activities on behalf of IOS; and Ken Wysocki for all his work for bird conservation, such as Area 6 CBC coordinator and President of COS.

During the COS annual meeting portion of the evening, 3 new board members were voted on by the members as presented by the COS Board, Lindsay Wilkes, Shawn Pfautsch, Luis Munoz. Jill Niland was presented with a ABA gift certificate for her 4 years of service as COS President by Nancy Tikalsky, the newly named COS President. Finally, a COS President's plaque was presented to all the past COS Presidents in gratitude for their service to COS to the past Presidents present in the room on behalf of the 2012 COS Board: Jill Niland, Sigrid Schmidt, Randi Doeker, Ken Wysocki, Geoff Williamson, Wes Serafin, and Walter Marcisz.