With an enormous amount of assistance from Geoff Williamson, Sue Friscia, Walter Marcisz, and Randi Doeker, we have collected hard copies of our newsletter, The Chicago Birder, from Volume 1 Issue 1 in 1989 through Volume 23 Issue 4 in 2010.   Before turning over the complete set to the Chicago Academy of Sciences for permanent safekeeping, I am collecting a second set of newsletters for backup purposes and so they will be readily available to our members.  Toward that end, we have amassed duplicates of all issues through 2003, as well as PDF's of many later issues.  The earliest PDF I have is Volume 14 Number 4 from 2002.  If you have hard copies starting in 2004 that you would be willing to part with, please contact me.  I will be happy to pick them up from you.  If you have PDF's, please contact me or just send them to me at sigschmidt@gmail.com.  I plan on collecting all newsletters starting in 2011 soon, So if you have saved any of those feel free to send them to me.

 Thanks very much for your assistance.

Sigrid Schmidt