COS has launched a 2015 fundraiser for LaBagh Woods, located at Foster Avenue and Edens Expressway. LaBagh Woods is a critical habitat for migrating birds, but is not in good shape. Years of neglect have resulted in a significantly degraded habitat. Thanks to recent re-dedication by the Cook County Forest Preserve, volunteers have received a grant to remove the buckthorn and other invasive species that have overrun LaBagh. Unfortunately, the dollars aren’t there to purchase shrubs, trees and the fencing to protect new plantings from hungry deer.

This is where you come in! Join the Team LaBagh Big Year! There are three ways you can join: donate yourself, ask friends and family to donate, or attend one of the work days at LaBagh that will be posted here on the COS Web site. Donations can either be made in a flat amount now, or in the form of a pledge per species seen at LaBagh Woods in 2015 by members of Team LaBagh. Pledges will be collected at the end of the year. 

The kickoff field trip to LaBagh was held January 1, 2015 at 9 am, led by Shawn Pfautsch.

Future field trips to LaBagh will be held:

  • March 22 - raptors, 7am (6:50 sunrise) - leader Luis Munoz
  • May 10 - spring migrants, 7:30am
  • May 23 - spring migrants and picnic lunch following, 7:30am - leader, Shawn Pfautsch
  • June 20 - breeding birds, 7:30am
  • Sept. 19 - fall migrants, 8am
  • Dec. 31 - last chance for one more species 8am